Review – My Burberry Eau De Parfum Silver Edition

Scents are having the ability to change our mood. Perfumes are few steps further. They can represent our character and feelings.

I can’t pass through a fragrance store and not to give a test to a perfume or buy a new one or even get a tester to try it later. I have to say that I am addicted to fragrances and especially to Eau de Parfum.

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If you don’t know yet or you are getting confused on what Eau de Parfum is, here I am! After the fragrance will settle down to our skin, the top notes will have died. But have in mind that in this way, the middle notes will be revealed. Note that this is the reason that makes it perfect for hair and clothing too! Facts are showing that the amount of oil is higher than the rest types of fragrances (up to 20%).

Perfume Market Size (simple chart)









Did you know that the Perfume Market Size (includes deodorants) was touching the $69.9 billion (U.S. dollars) in 2017? According to at 2024 it will touch the astronomic amount of $92 billion. We are helping the economy babes (hahaha)! 


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As always, Burberry gives a classic and class feeling from the shiny-glossy package. Silver, gold, and black colors. The “My” is in silver color and it looks more like a signature which I like a lot! It comes with a good balance with the “Burberry”. The bottle is transparent with silver text and a nice silver bow. What a finish! 


More About The My Burberry Black Special Edition

Anyway, one of the best fragrances of the Burberry brand (which is my favorite) and general of 2017 up to today is the “My Burberry Black – Silver Edition”. Note that it launched in 2017.

I love Oriental scents and many people were saying that this is a great one. So – you know – I had to try it!

When I first spray it, I was smelling few Jasmine notes. When it settled down on my skin for a minute and went a little bit powdery I was starting smelling the middle notes. Rose and peaches. It is so amazing combination! It has not any special complexity, actually nothing at all. After few minutes I was feeling the base notes which are patchouli and amber.

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This fragrance is so simple and luxurious… It gives me an amazing sensual feeling that you can’t imagine and my best part is that it last! Unfortunately, it is pricey ($120)!

In case, that you do not like oriental scents this will not be your favorite, but it worth to try it if you want to be sensual and elegant isn’t it?






Price ($120 for 90ml): 3/10
Scent: 9.2/10
Strong: 7/10
Longevity: 8/10
Overall Rating: 6.8/10
Worth the Hype? YES

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