Get Flawless: My 2 Best Favorite Hacks (of April) To Make You Having Baby Skin

Skin Care rituals and makeup should be always a fun to do. Especially makeup which is a form of art. Beauty hacks for skin and DIYs are a must for both in order to have fun along with a flawless finish.

Beauty Hacks for skin refer to a trick, easy and cheap. Those that I am going to talk you today, I am following them on this month, April. OMG, I  have to admit that I love Makeup and Beauty Hacks for Skin. However, they can be both easily be stapled to your skincare and makeup routine too because they work 100%! Note that, none said to me that those hacks will help me… I discover them on my own and I want to share them with you!

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#1 Hack – Having a World War III with Internal Pimples

I must admit to you, that having a pimple is like a pain in the ass. It can destroy the whole look. I might be covered the small ones with the foundation and cover stick application BUT those large internal pimples (well known as blind pimples)! OMG, I hate them! Having this large reddish lump is disgusting. They are too painful and they last too long. Sometimes I am thinking if they can survive after a nuclear disaster like cockroaches (hahaha).

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Having an internal pimple depends on various factors. This kind of a pimple refers to acne that has been developed beneath the surface of the skin. Most of the times it can be caused by a nodule or a cyst. If bacteria and excess sebum can be well mixed in a pore can give a birth to an internal pimple. However, in today’s post, we are more like how to disappear them and not going through all the factors that may cause it.

Time To Win It

Before going to bed, on a clean facial skin, I put a small amount of pure alcohol on a cotton pad. Then, I rub gently the area of a blind pimple with it and I am waiting few seconds to completely dry. With this, I am killing the bacteria. Anyway, after this, I am applying only in that area, Mint Clay Mask. I am not washing it at all! I leave it overnight and I am washing it on the next morning.

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I thought that the clay it was going to dry the area a lot, but it was ok. No lump, no reddish, no pain from the 1st treatment. Moreover, if a pimple will not be completely disappeared from the first overnight treatment, I am following the same procedure 2 or in some rare cases 3 times.

Imagine the first time that I’ve done it and I woke up without an internal pimple. Unfortunately, I didn’t think it, to take photos (before & after). The next time that I’m going to have, I will try to remember and took photos in order to update this post : ). Have fun with this beauty hack for skin!

#2 Hack – Not Enough Time For Foundation Application? I Have A Weird Solution For You


I had few days in April that I fell asleep after the alarm clock. I’ve pressed to shut it down by accident rather than snooze it. The result was enough less time for makeup.

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Usually, I am applying my foundation with an oval-spoon-makeup-brush and then I am taking the beauty blender to make it smoother, avoid having any foundation lines (texture) and be able to build with the foundation in order to have a full coverage makeup. Besides the beauty blender is helping me with the application of Dermacol, underneath my eyes, on T-Zone, and chin.

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However, my hack here is that I applied the foundation with a latex glove. On the right side, I have applied the foundation with my finger. Note, that I had to wash my finger in order to take off the foundation because it was a mess… On the left side, I have applied with the glove. As you can see on the left side the foundation is a tiny bit darker, not because of the light, but because the foundation didn’t melt; It became like a thin layer above the skin.  


Have you ever tried beauty hacks for skin?










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