Transform Your Skin Forever With 7 Bulgarian Skin Care Secrets

Connect with Mother Nature and Bulgarian women to transform your skin into a flawless one. Different cultures mean different skin care secrets. So today we are going to Bulgaria. Are you ready for that?

Nature has well supplied Bulgaria with natural ingredients in order to transform their skin into flawless porcelain. Bulgaria belongs entirely to Balkans along with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Montenegro.

This time I want to send my kisses to my friend Lilia Akrivopoulou, who is half Bulgarian and she told me few of their best-kept secrets. You can follow her on Instagram here.

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Keep Scrolling if you want to Transform Your Skin from Now! Bulgarian Skin Care Secrets were a good source of inspiration for my today’s post »


Yogurt to treat sunburn quickly and naturally


Bulgarian and Greek Yogurts contains ingredients that are the best to heal the pain and the redness from sunburn. Power to the Yogurt!

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Attention! FOR DRY SKIN! – Cucumber Time


If Bulgarians have dry skin, are mixing a juice of 1 fresh (organic) cucumber and half tablespoon of organic virgin olive oil. Then they apply it to a clean face and they leave it for 20 minutes, before rinsing it off.

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Attention! FOR OILY SKIN!


Mix Honey & Tomato Juice and leave them with a clean face for 20minutes! Rinse well with lukewarm water. Have in mind that tomatoes are high in acidic (higher than lemons) so remember to make a patch test first.

Note also that this mask will make your face more bright!

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Power to rose water (anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic)

Organic Rose Water Toner | Sky Organics $15.95

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Hard feet? Milk & Honey = Soft Feet


Milk and Honey Body Lotion | Burt’s Bees $6.94

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Cracked lips? Not again if you use honey (externally)


Total Hydration Honey Blossom Lip Care | ChapStick $2.94

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Lip Balm and Scrub Bundle. Vanilla & Honey Flavor 4 pack | Beauty by Earth $21.99


Warning! Do not use olive oil if you do not want soft skin as Bulgarians


Glycolic Acid 10% Cream with Antioxidants, Hydrated Collagen Olive Oil | BleuBeaute $12.95

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For smooth skin, the best solution is one!

Take a wet cotton pad and add a tiny bit amount of baking soda. Make a gently massage with the cotton pad, on your face for 2-4 minutes. Rinse off.

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Extra Bonus For You


Dark Circles & Eye Bags?

Bulgarians are using raw potatoes to treat them


Linden for soft feet

Linden is a tree in Bulgaria, that its flowers can be boiled for 10minutes and soak your feet in it, in order to to make them soft.














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  1. Haha I’m Bulgarian and we do use most of these tricks. Especially I make a lip scrub with honey, sugar and cocoa oil. As for the yogurt it really does miracles to sunburns. And the rose water is produced and used for centuries on. Bulgaria until the world discovered it and we started exporting it. Did you know that the bulgarian rose oil is used in most fragrances around the world from high-end ?

    1. Thanks for sharing all those with us! To be honest, I heard it somewhere but I totally forgot it… The Bulgarian Rose is very unique, warm and sweet I think… xoxo

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