Which Is The #1 Ingredient for Skin Care That Connects The World? – Olive oil

I was remembering my grandma telling me all the time that Olive oil is the best. For both, hair and skin care. However, through the years and as a beauty blogger, I discovered that she was telling me something more than the truth. 

Have you ever heard olive oil for dry skin or even olive oil for face? I not only love searching but also discovering about natural skin care secrets from around the world. To point out every single culture has its own secrets. Her own natural ingredients that only in her land can be grown. Markedly, most of the cultures, either from ancient or modern skin care history, they have one common secret. 

To emphasize, this kind of oil is most popular in Mediterranean lands. Note that this is happening because it is a major ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. This oil is rich in fatty acids. Furthermore, people who have it in their diet, are reducing the risk for high blood, heart disease etc.

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Equally important is to let you know that it might be born in the Mediterranean but can be produced worldwide. However, it can be considered as a miracle that came right from the Mother Nature. It can be used in cosmetics, medicine, cooking etc. 

Olive oil Benefits for Skin»


Olive Oil for Dry Skin»

Do you know what Bulgarian women like to? They are using olive oil for dry skin! Fortunately, also this secret passed through generations and revealed…

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This kind of oil is fully packed with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamin E and K. Obviously, all those do not only make it great to heal dry skin but also perfect for slowing the aging for the skin.

So remember if someone asks you what the best solution for dry skin is. The answer is one: Olive oil for dry skin!

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Bonus – Olive oil benefits for skin

Moreover, in Ireland are mixing it with spermaceti and glycerin in order to treat the super-dry skin. Read more on Skin Care Secrets Around The World – Ireland


Do you want to be flawless? Olive oil for face !»

In Serbia, they are saying “ Olive oil for face ”. The remarkable here is that by applying it because it helps them to maintain skin elasticity. As I said above, it is fully packed with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants, which mean that, can give a natural glow to the skin along with a radiant complexion. Remember olive oil for face .

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Kisses from Italy and Greece»

Nevertheless, Italians know very well this oil. They love using it to their amazing dishes. But olive oil for skin is a must! They know more than anyone that only is high in Vitamin E but also in phytosterols and polyphenols. All those are considered as the best treatment to prevent free radical damages.

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Extra Bonus – Olive oil benefits for skin

In Mexico are mixing it along with Tequila, lime juice, sea salts and cider vinegar in order to make a Tequila DIY Scrub and remove their dead skin cells. Read more on Skin Care Secrets Around The World – Mexico.

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In Short Olive Oil Benefits for Skin

  • Anti-aging
  • Extensive hydration
  • Youthful look
  • Glowing skin
  • Maintaining skin elasticity
  • Radiant Complexion












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