Is The Ultimate Coconut Scent The Coconut Passion by Victoria Secret?

Are you a summer person? The summer is coming closer and closer babes! Crystal clear beaches, exotic – refreshing cocktails, and a coconut scent are a must. 


Do you know what I like in the summer?  Having a nice exotic coconut scent all over my body and hair. In short, I love to smell more summer in the summer. To give you an example, I prefer to smell like I am under Palm trees in Aruba or under the coconut trees in Thailand or Bali. Moreover, there’s no better thing than to feel the warmness of the sun and have a sexy coconut scent around my body, in the summertime.

Of course, I had to buy a new fragrance, but going into a beauty bar shop I thought to give a try to the mists of Victoria’s Secret. And Voila! I gave a try to the Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist.

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Before proceeding with my thoughts/review it let me tell you a bit about the differences between a perfume and a mist. To explain a perfume can be heavy in contrast with a mist that has a light scent. I am absolutely sure that you already noticed that good perfumes are in small bottles and they are very expensive.

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DKNY $1 Dollars Perfume

Can we make a small break and tell you that the most expensive perfume was the DKNY’s Golden Delicious in the price of $1 million? They’ve made the Skyline of NY around the bottle by placing with hand rare diamonds etc. However, let’s give our congrats because they donated the Action Against Hunger charity organization.

Anyway, a mist is enough less expensive. Moreover, you can find them approximately at the cost of $8 – $20. They might be light and airy but I think their price is fair. They do not last as long as the perfumes. You have to carry them with you and spray approximately every 1-2 hours. Two of the biggest reasons why they do not last is because they are less consecrated and have enough more water.

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To put it differently, this doesn’t mean that we have to avoid them. Instead, we all need to buy a mist! Summer can be very hot, and we are sweating a lot. Even good perfumes, under those circumstances, are not lasting. Keep a good fragrance for a less hot day or a nice occasion. , and try a mist in the hot days. However, I love enjoying the mists at the beach. Light, refresh and with a sexy scent. What’s better than this?

Have I told you that I love applying them all over my body? Including my hair? They do not have so much alcohol or in some cases nothing at all, so they are not drying my hair and they smell wonderful too!!

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However, it’s time to share with you my thoughts about the Coconut Passion by Victoria Secret.


The ultimate exotic warm coconut & vanilla mist by Victoria Secret


Is the Coconut Passion the ultimate coconut scent for the summer?»





They do not have a package but let’s talk about this large bottle of 250ml of mist. Well, it might be a plastic bottle but the black text on it and the logo with gold and black colors are making it noticeable and elegant.

Side view of the cap of Coconut Passion by Victoria Secret


I like a lot its cap! It is gold a gold material wrapped by another – plastic – material which is clear. This gives me the sensation of the 3D. Moreover, if you see the top view of the cap you will notice, that they wrote on the gold material “Victoria’s Secret” with a deboss way. Moreover, at the base of the cap, you can see another detail. A black strip with golden text “Victoria secret”




Nevertheless. it has a nice warm vanilla and coconut scent. Not only it gives me immediately a refresh but also a touch of a sweet smell. I have to say that it light and airy but I do not mind for its price, plus I knew it before I was going to try it.

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It lasts for approximately 1.5-3 hours, on both my body and hair, which is very nice. I was quite surprised by that because for a mist it has a pretty nice longevity. However, note that I spray the Coconut Passion on my hair maximum 1-2 times a day and on my body 3-4 times. I spray on my body after I have a bath when my pores are open and they can absorb better the scent. But even with this hack, it doesn’t have a long life. However, the positive her is that it smells a tiny stronger than the days that I do not apply it after a bath.

In short and in my opinion this mist is very nice, sweet, exotic and sexy. I have to emphasize that it is ideal for ages 15 – 50. Definitely, it deserves thumbs up!






Price ($15.99 for 250ml): 10/10
Scent: 8.5/10
Strong: 4/10
Longevity: 5/10
Overall Rating: 6.88/10
Worth the Hype? YES

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