Top Weird Best Kept Chinese Top Skin Care Tips That We Should Followed From Yesterday

Their endless romantic and beautiful landscapes are undoubtedly a must to visit. The products that they export are in everywhere on this planet. However, slim body figures and flawless skins are made in China too. They have one of the best skin care routine. With the attention to that, I have to say that, I guarantee that their top skin care tips can make your skin flawless.

When I saw Chinese girls, I can feel how hundreds of years with top skin care tips have passed. It’s time to reveal them and follow them too, isn’t it? We all deserve flawless skin, especially when those tips are easy and quick to follow. To be honest I have also found for you a skin care mask that will blow your mind.  It noticeably to say that they have one of the best skin care routine. A natural skin care routine.

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Instantly Brighten up Skin Complexion

This tip is among the Chinese top skin care tips for obvious reasons. It’s easy, fast, and unique and I have never heard it before, probably you too. You will be amazed at how Chinese women are brightening their complexion. Chinese girls who love having a natural skin care routine, are including this mask in their weekly beauty regiment.

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In detail or even better, in short, they are making a paste with mint leaves! Yeap, only one ingredient, a natural one, a herb that can be easily found. Do you think that Chinese have one of the best skin care routine?

How to

Way #1 – traditional

Significantly a better way to keep all the goodies and properties of the mint is to make the paste with the mortar and pestle. After you make the paste, apply it on a clean facial skin and wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour before you wash it.

Way #2

First, just add a couple of fresh mint leaves in a medium to high power blender. Wait until you will have a nice smooth paste. Second, apply the mask to a clean facial skin. Leave the mixture for 30’-60’ and wash well with lukewarm water.

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Oyster Shell Skin Care Mask for Rejuvenation


What it does

Add the oyster shell mask to your natural skin care routine ASAP. It is not only rejuvenating but also helps skin to glow, reduce inflammation and irritation.


Oyster shell powder
Egg yolk


How to make this skin care mask?

First, mix all the ingredients well, until you have a nice paste. Second, apply the mixture to a clean facial skin and leave it at least for 30 minutes before you wash it with lukewarm water.

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Face Toner

Well, I am continuously happy while I learning the Chinese top skin care tips. They are minimal and quite easy to follow. 

What’s better than natural toner in the hot days of the year? Equally important is that this natural toner is pretty popular among the best skin care routines of Chinese girls for many reasons. This toner is not only a simple DIY/hack to give you an instant refresh. But also enhance skin tone and brightens the complexion.

I have to tell you that you will not see instant results like the mint leaves paste for brighten your complexion but will see after few uses. Not to mention that results differ people to people. So you never know, you might be too lucky and see much faster results or just wait for at least few uses…


How to

Do I mention to you that, also in this hack, Chinese women are using two ingredients? Rice and water. I love how easy and unique are the Chinese top skin care tips. Nevertheless, in a bowl of water, soak unpolished rice. Stir for few minutes or until the color of the water will be turned into a milky cream.

However, you can apply it in two ways. Either store it in a jar and apply it with a cotton pad or add the rice water in an empty spray bottle. Do not forget that you should keep both jar and spray bottle for maximum 4 days in the refrigerator.

It is a quite easy toner to do. So after the 4th day, make another one.




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