Our Ancestors’ Anti Aging Solutions That Will Erase Time

Anti Aging Solutions
Our Ancestors had direct and special contact with the Mother Nature. Their beauty rituals and anti-aging skin care routine were the best up to now. However, the best part is that we can follow them too.


In today’s post, we are not only traveling through the ancient depths of Greece and Egypt but also to Japan. However, we will discover together the best anti aging skin care hacks that our Ancestors’ were in love with the results. Because, they were enough clever to find out simple, effective and natural anti-aging solutions, without having access to laboratories, cosmetics stores and researchers.

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In fact, they were enough open-minded in order to discover by themselves the properties of the ingredients that they had around them. Nevertheless, beautiful complexion, even skin tone, and wrinkle skin care are the most fascinating things for everyone for thousands of years.


Anti Aging Solutions


Anti Aging Solutions That Will Erase Time (Wrinkles) That Survived for Hundreds of Years»



Anyhow, we are going now approximately 7000 years back in order to find the by far best-kept wrinkle skin care hack of Greece. 

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I have to say that honey is well known for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. However, you can apply honey directly on your face. The sweet bees’ product will make your skin look unbelievably young. Honey has the ability to act like a lifting cream.



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Anti Aging Solutions


Saffron Oil

The red spice was very famous to Egyptians and Cleopatra. Moreover, she was using the saffron oil in order to improve her complexion and balance hormones.



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Face Massage

For this hack, we are traveling to Japan. Nevertheless, Japan women were (and still) applying creams and essential oils with a gentle massage in order to rejuvenate, firm and prevent wrinkles. Furthermore, they were using their fingers with upwards moves from the chin. Easy, quick, and of the best anti-aging solutions that can also be used with any other hack.

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Anti Aging Solutions




















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