Self Tanner by Yves Rocher

Self Tanner by Yves Rocher - Review

An even bronze body color for the summer is a must. The tanning process always must be done carefully and safely. Moreover, a bad fake tan is too obvious that is fake. Note that, some sunless tanning products can give you an orange rather than an exotic bronze color. A few days ago, I had a wedding to go so I have chosen the Self Tanner by Yves Rocher as a bronzing lotion for fast tanning.

Not to mention that if you love sunbathing must be done with extra care. I mean with sun lotions and avoid 11:30-15:30 when the sun is more dangerous.

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Self Tanner by Yves Rocher - Review




I bought it for €23 and it was 1+1 free. It has not any package, just the tube. I have to say that the tube has a nice bronze color with green and white details that gave me from the first time that I saw it the idea that it contains botanicals. When I took it in my hands I saw that they wrote that is 100% Botanical Origin.

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Formula and How to Self Tan


Firstly I want to share with you that I hate bad, streaky and orange fake tan. I love natural bronze natural glowing looks. However, I had time for the bronzing lotion the day before the wedding. On a clean body and face, I have applied the lotion carefully and evenly. It gave me immediately a moisturization sense all over my body. As Yves Rocher says in the instruction, must be applied and avoid contact with the water for 3 hours. Have in mind that I washed my hands thoroughly as they suggesting.

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Self Tanner by Yves Rocher - Review


It might be a gradual tan, with this self tanner, as Yves Rocher says, BUT is not an even tan! I have applied it at (approximately) 9 o’clock in the evening, so I had to check the final results in the next morning. Not to mention that the next morning, means the wedding day. However, I woke up early and I saw a bad streaky tan down on my ankles. It was then that I started checking my body and face to see if I’ve made a terrible mistake by purchasing this self-tanner.

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In contrast with my ankles, the rest of my body was not so bad. But it was not an even tan…. Between my fingers, I had stronger bronze shades. Have in mind that I washed my hands thoroughly. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures because I was under stress and in a hurry! Did I say that it smelled bad?

I went straight to the bathroom and washed my body with a kitchen sponge! Yeap, you have heard right! Thank God, I removed the tan easy and quick with the sponge. I have to highlight that I haven’t removed 100% the tan, but at least it was even, the strokes were gone. My face was anyway ok, so at the end, I was a little bit happy. A week after and I still have a little bit tan. The huge con for me right now is that in between my fingers I have a darker shade. It might be not so obvious but I still freaking out with it…


Self Tanner by Yves Rocher - Review




Price: 8/10
Formula: 2/10
Results: 2/10
Longevity: 7.5/10
Overall Rating: 4.87/10
Worth the Hype? NO











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