Does Signal Gives a New Meaning To Sensitive Teeth Whitening With The New Whitening Pen

Finishing Touch Pen by Signal

Have you ever put braces on your teeth? I had a therapy with braces that took me approximately 7 years… YEAP! You have heard right!!! They were like a really bad nightmare but they gave a nice straight smile. However, I love my teeth and I like taking care of them. I have done few DIY whitening kinds of toothpaste in the past and few other hacks in order to whiten my teeth. Nevertheless, I am searching often the web and Pinterest, about the keywords: sensitive teeth whitening ways or teeth whitening for sensitive teeth. But this time I came across with the SIGNAL finishing touch teeth whitening pen, at a hypermarket and not in Pinterest…

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Nevertheless, instant whitening is always something that not only can make me worried if the product worth to buy it. But also if the product also is sensitive teeth whitening; To point out better, most times for me, instant results sounds not permanent results.

The signal is pointing on the package that the SIGNAL finishing touch teeth whitening pen, can make teeth white instantly but the results are not permanent. This is really appreciated! This important note is not in small letters, it is really obvious and readable!

Keep reading in order to find the teeth whitening before and after pictures!

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However, before sharing my thoughts and the teeth whitening before and after let me introduce to you the instant whitening collection’s products by Signal. They’ve made toothpaste, a toothbrush, a mouthwash and a whitening pen.




As you can see from the above pin image the dark blue and white are the two sovereign colors. In color theory, the blue is the color that gives us the sense of trust. The signal is a pretty nice brand, BUT can we trust the signal finishing touch teeth whitening pen?





What Signal Claim

As you apply the serum with the mini brush, Light Reflecting Crystals deposit a veil of luminous radiance on your teeth. For an instantly whiter smile*.

Application of signal finishing touch teeth whitening pen


Firstly, I am brushing my teeth with the Polar Night toothpaste by Natura Siberica (read here the review). Secondly, I am waiting a few seconds and then I am using the whitening pen by Signal.

Nevertheless, the pen has a nice brush that easily brushes every single tooth. When I’ve used it for the first time I had to shake it very well and press a lot of times the button (at the edge). After the application, I have to wait for a minute with my mouth opened in order to dry out. After the one minute, I applying the second layer and wait another one minute with the mouth opened.


Is the whinetening pen by Signal approved?




“Since “Blue” and “Yellow” are opposite colors, their effects offset each other. This is why makeup artists and photographers say that there is no better color than blue to enhance the perfect white radiance of skin and pictures. Why wouldn’t it be also true for my teeth?” ~Signal


However, the product is a blue gel. The first time, it went a little bit on my gums and I’ve burned a little bit. This time the teeth whitening for sensitive teeth failed… But have to say that the burn stayed for app. a minute. Anyway, it smells like a strong bleach to me and has a strange taste. 

Hence, it whitens my smile, but not even. To point out better, when I am saying even, I do not mean all my teeth to have the same white shade. I mean that every single tooth has not the same white shade in all of its area; I have to share that it does not stay for too long, as my mouth is closing, or I am drinking something (water, tea etc) it starts to fading. 


Teeth Whitening Before and After


I haven’t edited any of the photos in order to see the real teeth whitening before and after. Have in mind that I’ve taken the photos with my Huawei smartphone in a daily light. 





After 1st layer

After 1st use


After 2nd layer

After 2nd use







Price (€10 – 1.95ml): 7/10
Formula: 4/10
Longevity: 4/10
Results: 5/10
Overall Rating: 5/10
Worth the Hype? NO








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