La Vie Est Belle – Review

A scent is the finishing touch, not only of an outfit but also to a woman’s personality. That’s why I can’t resist trying new fragrances. A scent can change my emotions in less than a minute! I have to say that when I am feeling bad, I add a little bit of fragrance on my wrist and I start visualizing something positive or I am feeling immediately more relaxed. Anyway, this time I have tried few eau de parfum and I ended up with purchasing the Lancome la vie est belle. Not to mention that the fragrance shop had a Lancome value set with a 30ml fragrance and a body lotion in the same price of a single fragrance (30ml). As you can understand, I bought the value set. However, it’s time to proceed with my thoughts/review about the la vie est belle definition.

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Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance - a detail that subtly underscores the look, an invisible extra that completes a man and a woman's personality. Without it there is something missing. ~ Gianni Versace Click To Tweet



Well, the package looks very female and elegant. The pink shades have been combined excellently with the white and the silver. Not to mention that the package it doesn’t look to be from a cheap material at all, instead it is very steady. Note that the silver details make it look even more luxurious. As about the bottle? Transparent with an elegant Parisian black see-through scarf!


La Vie Est Belle definition

For those who don’t know French and they want to know what it means, here I am! La vie est belle, the life is beautiful.


More About The La Vie Est Belle

A scent for that travels you to the beauty of life and gives me the idea that I have to live my life to full with gratitude and truth. The scents of iris with the patchouli and the sweet praline are more than unique! The notes of jasmine, sambac, and Tunisian orange blossom are making the fragrance more oriental but in a light form. La vie est belle gives you the way to create your own beautiful path with more freedom and happiness. In short is a fragrance that I love to wear from morning to night.

In short the Fragrance Notes:
Top: Iris
Heart: Patchouli
Base: Gourmand


Wear perfume wherever you want to be kissed. ~ Coco Chanel Click To Tweet




How I apply it

After I am dressing up in the morning, I am applying my regular body moisturization (no fragrance) in order to make the fragrance last longer and hydrate my skin. After those, I am doing my makeup and eating my breakfast. Right before leaving my home, my skin has absorbed to full the moisturization, so I am applying the La Vie Est Belle body lotion.

However, the lotion is very lightweight. It smells like the fragrance but a little bit more light. I have to note that, I have that wherever I apply it, I can see tiny microglitters… Now my skin has already hydrated a lot and is ready for the Eau de parfum.

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Nevertheless, I apply the fragrance on my wrist, armpits, inside of the elbows and behind my ears. I have to highlight that the fragrance more than 7 hours. Sometimes I can spray on my wrist after the fragrance starts to fade out just to keep the scent up to the night. As about the body lotion, the micro-glitters are staying on my skin until I wash them well.





Price (€60 for the set): 9/10
Scent: 9.5/10
Strong: 7/10
Longevity: 9/10
Overall Rating: 8.63/10
Worth the Hype? YES



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