Shaving – Razors or Creams? Part I/II

Well, have you ever shaved your legs? Picking the ideal tool in order to get rid of unwanted hair is not always easy. Because is not only depends on the type of hair and skin that we have but also the amount of time and of course the budget. Taking a razor or a shaving cream is the cheapest and quickest solution. But, how to shave? What about shaving bikini area? How does shaving work? What kind of razor to use? Electric razor? Is it any proper shaving direction? But, is the shaving the most proper gear to remove unwanted hair? Let’s find them out, but having in mind that I am going to talk about those that are suitable for women (and men) not only for men!

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  • Could you get rid of female facial hair with a razor or cream?
  • Which type/types I have done
  • What needs to be done before & after
  • What razor caused to me
  • What cream caused to me
  • How long does it take to grow up hair again
  • Final thoughts (razor VS cream – pros & cons)

[UPDATE]  Read here the Part II

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Types of razor & cream

Razors (Top 3)


Cartridge Razors

The best type of all, in my opinion, is this one. However, the center of a cartridge razors flexible and allow it to shave an area more effectively. Not only the head is replaceable, but also, you can find heads with Aloe Vera or diffuse with essential oils.


  • Replaceable head


  • The better is to use each cartridge for approximately 10 minutes
  • If you consider the above is not cheap
    The hair becomes stronger and thicker

Disposable Razor

This type of razors is designed in order to use them only for 1-2 times. The razor’s head is not replaceable.


  • Cheap
  • You can get more than 5 in a box;
  • You can carry them easily in a travel bag


  • You need to use a cream or oil or soap to smooth down your skin
  • Ingrown hair
  • You have to control the pressure or prepare to cut your self
  • The hair becomes stronger and thicker



Electric Razor

Yeap! An electric razor can be also used by women. However, I have to note that they are less messy (sometimes), than other types of razors.


  • You do not need to apply a cream or oil before you use an electric razor. 


  • Less Effective
  • Irritated skin
  • The hair becomes stronger and thicker




Gel Hair Remover Cream

If you love hair removal creams this type is a must to try, if you haven’t tested it yet. Not to mention that is effective for short-medium-long hair. The No.1 best seller in face and body is the “Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream”. You can apply it, literally everywhere (legs, underarm, face, bikini line etc)!


  • Can be applied everywhere on the body
  • The gels have vitamins like E etc.
  • Hydrate and moisturizing skin
  • Last up to twice as long as shaving
  • Quick solution
  • No extra cream before is needed


  • A cream is similar to a razor because you need a spatula to remove the cream and hair.
  • Undoubtedly this means that you are cutting rather than remove it from the root.
  • Not last for too long
  • It might have vitamins and hydration properties but it might cause you an irritation, especially if you over-exceed the amount of time that you have to leave the cream on your skin (always read the instructions first)



Cream hair remover

Firstly, a cream is like almost like a gel hair remover. Secondly, it might be a quick method to get rid of unwanted hair and a better solution than using a razor but the results are not different. What do I mean? You are cutting the hair and not removing it from the hair follicle.

Nevertheless, note that the application of a cream is smoother (gives you a hydration, etc) to the skin than the razor which can be harsh, or cut your self a bit.


  • Quick solution
  • Smooth skin
  • Hydration properties
  • No extra cream before is needed
  • Can be applied everywhere on the body



  • Skin irritation
  • An awful smell of burnt hair (at least this happened to me with those that I have purchased in the past and unfortunately its been many years since then and I do not remember the brands)










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