Shaving – Razors or Creams? Part II/II

Have you read the part I of this post? If not read it here. Sometimes, getting rid of unwanted hair can be a torture! However, let’s keep reading together to learn the proper shaving direction along with a comparison chart about razors vs gels & creams and a synopsis of their pros and cons.

So do not miss the part I that includes the rest info that you have to know about shaving:

  • Top 3 types of razors (pros & cons)
  • Gel (pros & cons)
  • Creams (pros & cons)


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Could you get rid of female facial hair with a razor or cream?

As I already said within each category, in some cases Yes. However, in some other cases No. You can find in the market razors, creams, and gels that are suitable for facial (and bikini line). But, note that you have to read either on the package or ask someone (from the shop) which razor or cream are suitable for all body’s areas. Have in mind that – sometimes – the better choice is to take another tool/product for the body and another for the face.

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Which type/types I have done

I have used all the above-mentioned kind of razors and from the cream’s category just the cream, not the gels. I have to share with you, that I have used razors on my legs, bikini area, maybe 2 times in my entire life on my arms and never on my face!
Moreover, I have that razor can make the hair stronger and thicker so I avoid it as much as I can. Hence, it’s a quick solution… The only area that I have used the cream in on my legs.



What needs to be done before, after & proper shaving direction

Firstly let me tell you that you do not need any special charisma to do it, but you have to be careful with how to shave. Secondly, whatever you are going to choose, either a razor or a cream, do it in the bathroom area, in order to avoid the mess. Thirdly, before using a razor, apply a shaving cream, oil, gel, soap, or a shaving foam to prepare your skin and avoid the irritation. Lastly, the proper shaving direction is the opposite direction of the hair.
See? It’s easy to learn how to shave properly and always remember the proper shaving direction.

What razor & cream caused to me

Not only I can cut my self very easy with the razor but also the razor can cause to my irritation as the cream. Not to mention that the cream cannot remove the unwanted hair evenly (at least to me). Unfortunately, if I left the cream more minutes than the brand suggests, it can cause me a lot of irritation…


How long does it take to grow up hair again

With the razor 3-4 days and with the cream 5-8 days.


Final thoughts

(razor VS cream – pros & cons)

I have tested well both kinds of shaving. I don’t like any of those to get rid of my unwanted hair, because they are not removing the hair from its follicle. But is easier to reach out a (disposable) razor and buy it. If I am in a hurry and I have to remove ASAP those little annoying black things, I prefer just a quick touch up with a razor. Creams are not for me… At least not those that I’ve tried. Moreover, I can’t wait a few minutes without doing anything or sit somewhere, until the cream will “burn” my hair. Plus as I said above, it smells awful… 










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  1. Hi, thanks for your detailed overview on razors and for sharing your experience. I’m sorry it caused to you irritation and sometimes cuts, I hope you didn’t mean it happened often. In part it’s because it’s very personal, when we notice undesired hair growth on a new zone of our body and want to start depilating it, the moment comes to decide a method and which relative drawbacks or downfalls we can most serenely live with from then on. Or how quickly we get used to or adjust to it, which, sure boils down to very personal preferences, if you are annoyed more at having to depilate often you might choose waxing, if you are put off by the pain when the new waxing session eventually comes, although then you don’t think about it for weeks, but you’ll have to wait for a target length, then maybe shaving is for you.
    About the uglier and thicker regrowth with shaving, my idea is to only start shaving where you grow undesired hair which you really don’t want, which you already find ugly and visible (and it can be, even if still relatively soft and fine if long and dark) enough to be worth depilating. I dunno if I can help as a male, I’m not very hairy, but I shave some zones of my body like shoulders and feet, especialy in summer quite regularly, – I started cause these are zone where I personally think black hair looks quite bad, even as a man, :D, my chest or elsewhere once in a while instead. It means I’m quite sure I’m gonna keep up with it and from what I hear and know from some women or from discussing, they make similar consideration before starting to shave somewhere (:. Other women and men prefer waxing for as valid reasons as said.
    Not sure, though, about the extent of which the razor can stimulate the hair bulb.
    If I got it, when you mention the zones you shaved, it’s for your arms that mention you only shaved them twice in your life. Did hair get stronger there too or just elsewhere where you did it more times? As that I knew, doing it one or two times or even once in a while it’s not enough.
    Also isn’t the extent limited before it stabilizes, for example on head hair, where the tip is the same thickness as the shaft and the fact it doesnt’ work to reverse hair loss. Or the beard when it’s fully developed.
    It’s also important hence to reassure, 90%+ of the resulting outcome comes from hormones, so if we are really gonna go much hairier it’s likely for other reasons and if we aren’t predisposed, shaving won’t significantly increase it. In your experience it’s reversible if one stops or it stays a bit uglier until waxed?
    Thanks so much and sorry for the length :). Merry Christmas.

    1. OMG, thanks for sharing your opinion with us! If I will use a razor, it might not cause me every single time irritation but it will happened whatever the hair length is. BUT I have found that the depilation machine is one of the best choices for me. It is quicker than other methods and I have to say that almost I do not feel pain (Philips’ epilator machine).

      1. Hi and hey thanks to you for replying, I was glad to share. Cool to know that rubber discs are much less painful than springs. I might consider it with cautiousness and if where I shaved for long time it hurts too much, I might try elsewhere where I didn’t yet, kidding ;). But it’s great you had no problem using it even where I assume quite thick hair grows, that’s encouraging, considering that with the springs you couldn’t bear it beyond a portion of your legs.
        I’m still curious if in your experience, shaving makes it really much thicker or just a bit and if so, just doing it a few times? And does it eventually go back to normal if you stop shaving for long enough? We should consider that once shaved, the finest tip is lost on hair and the thickest part of the old hair is the thinnest of the new one.
        Some say it gets tapered again, but won’t be nowhere near as soft as before . I read it’s because it might turn some of the fuzz terminal and more than one hair comes off from one follicle :). Though I still think it looks fine and smooth if taken care of regularly.
        I forgot to mention that I support the choice of women not shaving or depilating, regardless that I think some can pull it off with style and confidence.
        Which is also because upon a time it would have been considered strange for me to shave the body so it’s relative.
        Happy holidays.

        1. Hi! To be honest after shaving, my hair were growing faster and thicker, but not extremely thicker. From the other hand, the laser might be the best solution of all, but I know that in some countries is extremely expensive… In Cyprus is costing approximately 150 – 350 euros (full body – 1st session). However, in most cases the next session is less expensive because the hair is less, but in some other cases the cost is approximately the same because they still cover the same amount of area.

          1. Happy new year though a bit late! :). Sorry if I’m at this again, though hey I explored your blog and appreciated your skin health tips, I might then ask some pointers on getting started in that post too.
            Yeah laser is surely a more resolutive option and likely a rewarding investment, thanks for the info on costs. Maybe electrolisis too (:.
            Good to know shaving makes it just a bit thicker and not significantly. Did it hurt more when you passed to the epilator?
            Unless you mean it’s only temporarily thicker and you could wait for it to thin out, tapering back to normal, then I could wax or epilate with no increased pain :)? Or you had to epilate first to make it thin again?

            Btw I found a small counse of a dermatologist about the theme
            “• Shaving myths: One of the most controversial arguments in the wax vs. shave debate is that shaving makes your hair grow back more quickly and thicker. And guess what? It’s true, according to Dr. Levine. “That is true that after you shave the hair does grow back thicker,” she told us. “It’s [also] true if you shave and then wax, waxing is going to hurt more because the hairs are thicker and you get two hairs growing out of one follicle sometimes. So I do like sticking to one method.” The lesson? Plan your waxing sessions accordingly if you don’t like to shave. ”
            Which was one of the reasons I mentioned before of why if true, it can be hard to change a method once we choose our favourite one and switching to shaving can be a bit easier than the other way round :).
            Sorry for the length, I know, but I just like to confront points of view.

          2. Hey! Happy New Year too! I might not do yet, and might not in the future too, but as I have heard electrolysis is much more painful than laser, because it took off each hair separately. Nevertheless, I have used an epilator many years ago , before even tried the waxing and as I remember it was too painful and I could even finish the half of the half of my leg. The technology is being perfected through the years, so after some years later of my first attempt, I tried it again and it was much less painful, but it was still a pain… However, after the laser, my unwanted hair is much less thinner and a lot of them are gone permanently. Now the job of epilator is much easier. The new epilator that I have (and I have mentioned it in the post) is extremely nice and I do not feel any pain and each time the hair is going less and less, but not tremendously as with the laser. Have in mind that most of those hairs are already too weak from the laser, that’s why they have gone with the epilator. As a conclusion, I have to say that I might turn to laser again, but not now … The epilator costs less and it can be used in my own place, anytime…

  2. Hi, your blog is less active lately I noticed, but you might rightly want to take a break, I just let you know you have great ideas which I appreciate :).
    Btw, so sorry it used to hurt so much you couldn’t even complete your whole lower leg, so annoying! Glad that now it’s so much comfier, though yeah it’s also for the laser, but also thanks to how much better your new epilator worked it seems :).
    You know, now and then I’m considering more to eat the leaf and start having my shoulders waxed, can I ask you if waxing or epilating was more painful and uncomfy for you in those zones, when you first did it after your hair got a bit stronger by shaving there for some time or did it thin a bit on its own when you let it grow back. Or they would have stayed thicker if you didn’t epilate :).
    As said before I considered that before starting, so I’m not that afraid, don’t worry.
    Sorry to bother you again and thanks.

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