Is An Epilator Worth It?

Here we are! Let’s talk today about the second of the Top 7th Hair Removal Methods. Which method will be our topic today? The epilators! But the question is “Is An Epilator Worth It?” I am going to talk you about the types of the epilators, if they are safe on face and biking along with my experience with the epilator Braun and the epilator Philips, and much more. So keep reading if you do not want to miss the good stuff…

However, if you haven’t read the announcement of this post series you can read them here along with an outline of all the methods that I am going to discuss. Moreover, I have already talked about the shaving. You can also read the Shaving – Razors or Creams? Part I/II here and Shaving – Razors or Creams? Part II/II here.

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Is an epilator worth it?



Types of epilators machines


Spring Type Epilators

Just to inform you, in case that you didn’t know it, the very first epilator was created in Israel by a company named “Epilady”, in 1986. This kind of epilator was the spring type.
Check the video below from the YouTube user “epiladyaustralia” in order to see the first Spring Type Epilator.



Look’s painful, right?


Rotating Disc Type Epilators

This time the creator of this epilator is the Remington. The only difference between the Spring Epilator is that they made rubber discs instead of springs. Note that it was stronger with bigger lifetime and less painful.

Tweezer Type Epilators

Now, we have the tweezer epilators. Some are corded, some are cordless, some are suitable to use them with wet skin and some not.


Are the epilators safe on face or/and bikini?


I can answer with confidence, YES! But have in mind that you must use different for the face and different for the body. Not only, for the hygiene, but also because of the heads’ size.



Which epilators I have used


Continuing, somehow, the discussion from the previous section, I have to note that I haven’t tried a face epilator yet. However, I have bought, if I remember well, 4 epilators in my 28 years of life. Hence, as you can see, in the below photo, I have found only the two of the body tweezers epilators.



My excuse is that the first two that I have purchased were around the ages 13 – 19, so probably, I have thrown them away. The only thing that I remember from my first epilator is that I couldn’t do even the 1/5 of my leg from the pain and the irritation that was causing me.

Nevertheless, I have purchased the epilator Braun, approximately 4 years ago and the Philips 1 month ago. The Braun might look more luxury, because it has a light on it and many replaceable heads, one to protect the skin; one for the bikini, and one for the body. The epilator Philips came with only one replaceable head.

Here comes the weird part. The epilator Philips is much less painful and quicker than the Braun. I do not use the epilator Braun anymore… I recently got the Philips and I have to say that I am quite happy with it!



What needs to be done before & after


Here I have two options, either I am going to do a warm douche to hydrate my skin and open my pores and make the hair to be fallen easier (which means a little bit less painful) or I will apply a body lotion 10-15 minutes before in order to make my skin more smoother and less dry!


Usually, I am using a body lotion in order to make my skin much smoother and hydrated than it was before, but this is totally optional.



What epilators caused to me

As I already mentioned above the very first epilator that I took in my hands, it caused me enough pain and irritation that I couldn’t use even in my half leg. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the model/brand.

My skin has been caught few times in the epilator Braun (tweezers). Yeap! I am sure that you can imagine how painful it was… This happened a few times in my legs, in my arms and underarms. The good part is that once my skin was caught, the epilator was stopped from working. That’s why I have started the laser. But sometimes, I prefer the epilator, is cheaper, and I can use it in my own peace, even at night! However, it never caused me even a little bit of irritation.

Anyway, I am using the last two times the epilator Philips. I do not have enough experience with it, but those two times was heaven! I didn’t have pain or irritation and it was much easier and quicker to use!


How long does it take to grow up hair again

It lasts up 4-5 weeks. 


Final thoughts (pros & cons)


The final answer to the question “Is an epilator worth it?” might be yours, but in my opinion is somehow yes.



They are much cheaper than a laser hair removal method and you can handle them easily. I have noticed, over the time that my hair are a little bit less strong which means less pain.



I have three cons… The one is that you have to be careful to which epilator you have to buy. The epilator Braun might be a good brand, but the specific epilator that I have purchased proved that is not for me. This is the reason why I recommend the epilator Philips. However, the choice is yours.

The other con is that the hair is coming back…They might make the hair less strong over the time, but this method is not permanent. The last con is that the epilator has given birth to ingrown hairs… 









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