Does The Waxing Worth They Hype? Different Types, Pros & Cons

Waxing is one of the most popular and effective ways of hair removal methods. Waxing hair removal might be a temporary way, but hair doesn’t grow back for a few weeks. But, is it good for your skin? Is it effective if you look further? Is it cheap if you consider that you have to repeat every few weeks? Keep reading and find out not only my experience and all of the waxing hair removal methods, in order to choose the best for you and avoid the worst. But also the top requested topics about waxing (waxing leg hair, what’s the best way to use for bikini area, waxing armpits, etc).

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Types of waxing


Fruit Wax
This is the most suitable for sensitive skin. The fruit wax is mostly enriched with berries extract and it is high in antioxidants. This fruity wax is not only much more gentle to the skin, but also more pricey but if you are skin is easily having irritations then it might worth it to try.

Chocolate Wax
This yummy sweet has numerous skin benefits. Nevertheless, chocolate waxing is enriched with oils, that not only removes hair efficiently, but also they making skin bouncier and leaving it with a sexy glow and a nice moisture.

Hard Wax
My mum used to apply this kind of wax on her upper lips when I was a kid and I have tried it when I was a teen for a few times. The hard wax can be applied to smaller areas of the skin, like upper lips, eyebrows, and underarms. However, you have to warm it until it completely melts and apply it on the skin and left it until it cools down and hardens. After that, you pull it out. Hence, people with sensitive skin must avoid it.


Soft Wax
Soft wax is usually made up of paraffin or beeswax. The most popular form of wax is the soft one, for both saloon and home treatments. If you want one type of waxing that is suitable for all of your body parts (waxing leg hair & waxing armpits) then this is the best choice for you. The soft wax can be also the answer to the question of what’s the best way to use for the bikini area. However, the soft wax is divided into two types, the heated and the cold (includes pre-made strips).

Sugar Wax
Within the waxing hair removal methods, the DIY sugar wax has a nice place to be. However, the DIY method of the waxing, you just need lemon and sugar. However, you have to follow the recipe as it is. I’ve tried it a few times (many years ago), but I failed, not sure if I messed it up with the measurements or when I was warming the mixture. Have in mind, that this kind of wax is a little bit messier than the rest. However, waxing leg hair and waxing armpits with the DIY method, you are going to need a little bit more time than the soft wax.

Could you get rid of female facial hair with waxing?

Wax is one of the most popular methods for getting rid of unwanted hair on one of the most hormonal areas of the body, the face.

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Which type/types I have done

As I already mentioned above,  I have already used the hard wax (on my upper lips). However, I have used more times the soft wax, both heated and cold (pre-made strips). I have to share, that I have tried many times the heated in a beauty salon and a few times at home. Well, each time I was doing it at home, I was making a huge mess… I was applying a towel on my bed, heating the wax in the microwave, and start applying it on my body… Every time, the wax was getting out of its’ box etc…


What needs to be done before & after a waxing session

The only thing that you have to do is to shower with warm water. It might not be necessary, but the pores of the hair will be open and the hair will come out easier with a little bit less pain.

Have in mind that you can apply a slow re-growth cream if you want to make the results to last a little bit longer.

What waxing caused to me

Allergies, allergies, allergies. In almost every pore of hair, I had a pimple and I had to go to a pharmacy for creams that most of the times were taking me up to 8 days to getting rid of the allergy. I have changed many salons in order to find one that was not causing me all this mess… Moreover, I found one that very rarely the lady or/and her wax was causing me pimples. Probably, this has happened because they are using the same wax to all the ladies, and they pulling out the strip with steep way than it should be.


How long does it take to have the next waxing session

The waxing lasts approximately 3-6 weeks.


Final thoughts (pros & cons)

I might choose the waxing plenty of times, but it is not for me… It took me a few years to find a beauty salon that is causing me very rarely any allergy, and it was more expensive than the others. The minimum amount that I had to spend for the full body it was €25 and the maximum €40 every 4 weeks, and the laser €150 every 3-5 months and every time is costing less because the hair is less. 










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