MDNA BEAUTY ROLLER – All The Glory of Her Secret Weapon

The last few days, I saw the Social Media going crazy with a roller. The first roller that promises to contour our faces, the MDNA Beauty Roller. However, we have seen and tried many rollers, the needles roller, jade roller, metal roller, but what it has to be so special and magical n order to be Madonna’s secret weapon?

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What the MDNA Beauty Roller is


The MDNA BEAUTY ROLLER is the first skin-contouring breakthrough to harness the benefits of renewable Ultra-Infrared Energy powered by pure, high-density carbon, as Madonna claims at her website. Sounds pretty nice, isn’t it?

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To emphasize, this roller is a mixture of the advanced medical technology that the famous personal dermatologist of Madonna is using, along with science. It designed in order to deliver a lifted and luminous skin. Moreover, it promises to tone contours.

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Not only is suitable for face, but also for the body. But the best part of the MDNA Beauty Roller is not that one, but this one: the clinical study said that the 100% showed that the results are visible in a 2 week period, with a daily use.



What it does


Nevertheless, one of the many pros is that it doesn’t need any battery or electricity to use it because it has Ultra-Infrared Energy. The carbon spheres of MDNA Beauty Roller are carved in Japan with every detail that it needs to contour, energized, optimal product penetration, and lift and firm our skins. Hence, all those are happening while the Ultra-Infrared Energy is changing the skin’s texture. What does it mean? No fine lines, no wrinkles.





How to use


Use the roller before and after your daily skincare routine. Follow the below steps-diagram, for the directions that you have to use the MDNA Beauty Roller.




Visit for more details or try it by yourself. I will be happy if you are going to do it or if you already tried it, to let us know down below in the comments section your thoughts about it.








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