Skincare Routine – My Must Have Products For Fall and Winter

Have you ever felt that your skin needs to change its skincare routine every 2-3 months? I feel like every time the weather is changing my skin needs something else to feed it. Besides, I am testing products all the time so every couple of weeks, I love using different products.

However, this time, I needed to share with my skincare routine because I update it and you are going to find some really great products (if you want to get inspired from or even buy the same). I am getting inquiries about suggesting face creams etc. Have in mind, that my skin is oily at T-Zone and normal to rest of the face.

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Moreover, I have to tell you that as a Makeup Artist I have found that I have a better control with my oily areas (I reduce it) and my makeup last longer and it looks more even! Nevertheless, keep reading in order to find my skincare routine with some products that will leave you speechless!




Morning Skincare Routine

My morning and evening routine is not the same. I don’t have any makeup to remove and my skin is more relaxed and fresh. Nevertheless, the first thing that I am doing is to wash my face with water and FaceHalo. The pad – that I am in love with – is helping me to remove the castor oil or Vaseline that am applying on my lashes and brows (only castor oil) right before bedtime. As a result, I gently cleanse my face. Secondly, I dap gently a towel on my face and leave it just a few seconds to breath, and then I apply my serum. I love the Copenhagen Age-Delay Face Serum, Caviar De Russie by Natura Siberica Cyprus.

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Thirdly, I am waiting a few minutes before I will apply my face cream in order to let my skin to absorb the serum. So around that time, probably I will wear my clothes or I will check my Instagram in order to overtake some minutes and then I am applying my face cream. Guess from which brand is (hahaha), is the Copenhagen Age-Delay Face Cream 24 Hours by Natura Siberica. And voila! That’s all for my morning routine, simple and fast.


Thought the Day

EXTRA TIPS: However, hydrating is the key above all, so I drink approximately 2 liters of water. If I will not do it, believe me, I will be waking up all night to drink the water that I haven’t drunk throughout the day.



Night Skincare Routine

My night routine differs from the morning, not only because I have to remove makeup (sometimes heavy makeup but always water resistant or waterproof), but also I love treating my skin more in order to relax and breathe.

So, at night I remove my waterproof makeup, mascara, black eyeliner etc with the FaceHalo. To be honest, those days I feel the water cold so I prefer to use warm water along with the FaceHalo and I have seen that it removes my makeup, slightly easier.

Nevertheless, the next step is to take a cotton pad and apply on it water toner by Vipera that I can find in Cyprus from Kybella. Moreover, with gentles moves, I rub the cotton on my face in order to hydrate my skin a bit and remove any makeup that I haven’t done before. However, the Face Halo is so perfect that it removes every bit of it, so they only thing that I am doing with the toner is to give a nice hydrated base for what I am going to apply later. Hence, I forgot to tell you that this toner is suitable for any skin type, especially for those who have acne.

(Weekly Night Routine) Well, it follows a mint clay mask by Herballife, which I apply it 2 – 3 times a week, and a deep cleansing black soap by Natura Siberica, which I can apply it up to 2 times a week, a face mask for Age Delay by Natura Siberica and last a nourishing face mask with sea lavender by Apivita once every 2 weeks and once per month overnight.

Moreover, now I am having the last 2 steps, firstly I am applying the serum and after few minutes the face cream by Natura Siberica.

EXTRA TIPS: Almost every night I apply castor oil by Now Foods on my eyebrows and eyelashes. Have in mind that (when I will not apply castor oil) sometimes I am applying a thin layer of Vaseline on my eyelashes just before bedtime.



Every night, before bedtime I am brushing gently my lips with my toothbrush and I am applying Vaseline.










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  1. Hi again. I can be quite oily, especially the forehead zone :).
    That seems like a lot of products, but some of them might come handy for me too, accounting that, as a guy, I don’t regularly wear makeup, especially no foundation and your skin has to maintain a balance to be prepared to wear it and the relative after care, if I’m not mistaken.
    I see beauty as a result of taking care of the skin even with its relative imperfections, but maintaining it healthy.
    Do you think exfoliating creams or dermaplaning can be good starting points, along with hydrating cream and an anti age and that I already have to shave the front of my neck at least :D?
    Sorry for the question, but I told you I had some and I eventually catched up ;).

    1. Yeap of course! Try also soap from activated charcoal… I currently love the “Northern Soap-Detox For Deep Facial Cleansing 120 Ml.” by Natura Siberica xoxo

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