Threading As The New Popular Method of Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair

Have you ever heard that threading is originating in Central Asia, Iran, and India? Last few years it became very popular in Europe and the West. However, I have learned about it 10 years ago from an Egyptian woman. Definitely, it is in one of the Top 7 Hair Removal Methods for a reason! It might be popular with eyebrow shaping but I love using the threading technique all over the face. I would be happy if you are living in Cyprus and you want me to remove your facial hair with threading (send to my Instagram or email for a quote)

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What is Threading


In threading I am using a thin but strong thread, I double it, I am making a knot at the end and twisting it few times. Then, I am rolling it over the follicles of the unwanted hair and I am plucking them. Have in mind that we can involve hands, mouth or neck. Hence, the mouth gives us the fastest way.

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However, I love threading because it gives me a full control in eyebrow shaping, unlike waxing that it might be running a bit and take off some extra hair. Moreover, the wax might burn my clients (and me) but the thread? Oh, honey, they all love the results and how gentle is to their skin.

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One of the most popular questions that everyone makes to me is if it hurts. To be honest, most of the hair removal techniques are hurting. Unlike some of them, threading can be more manageable with the pain. Moreover, threading can remove few hair rows at once. So, I will not say that is not painful at all but is not as much as some of you think! It is like tweezing, it might hurt you a tiny bit, but some of my clients don’t feel any pain at all.

Nevertheless, as I am always saying, people from people differ, so their sensation of pain depends. I love every one of you that is trusting me or want to trust me their eyebrows (or their face hahaha), which are the frame of our faces, and I would love to say now that I am always doing a small test first. To explain better, I pulling 2-3 hair in a single row, just to know that you are going to feel pleasure and happy during the whole procedure and minimize correctly the amount of pressure.


Could use this method all over your body?

Some people are using it, but it is a long procedure to do ex. the legs.


In which areas I have used Threading

As I already mentioned above, I love using threading for the facial hair.



Threading VS Tweezers

Threading is faster, more précised and has one of the greatest definition in eyebrow shaping. So the winner for me is threading, hence sometimes I might use a tiny bit the tweezers.


What Needs to be done Before & After

Babes, believe me, there is nothing that you have to do before or after, unlike some other method, like shaving!!


What threading might cause to me

Nevertheless, if I have a thick hair I might feel the pain a tiny bit. Just this one.

How long does it take to grow up hair again

This method of getting rid the unwanted hair can remove them from the roots, so it can take from 4-6 weeks. However, the face is a hormonal area, so obviously it might take longer to grow up on you, or unfortunately quicker.



Final thoughts (pros & cons)


Removing the hair from the root
Long time to grow back again
Quick method



People who are extremely sensitive to pain might have pain
Little redness in some cases (it goes after few seconds or few minutes)









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