My First Youtube Video – Makeup Tutorial

Well, I have great news to announce. You have been so supported to me from my first day of blogging and I really don’t know how to express my happiness. However, the first thing that I am going to talk about is that you have requested to me to create makeup videos, and guess what I’ve done. As about the second new, you have to stay tuned and follow me on Instagram because I am going to make another giveaway soon. 

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However, going back to the first new, I decided to create my first makeup tutorial (you will find it at the end of this post) as a huge thank you. To note, I’ve had second’s thoughts on uploading my first video. I have to say that I’ve done some mistakes and the background it will be changed.



Why I decided to go for it

As I already said on my Instagram post, we are learning from our mistakes, and the next video will be better and next of the next much better… I’ve been watching other YouTubers’ first videos, and they’ve done some mistakes too, but now they are killing it!

Every single beauty Youtuber, have something different to say, either their just beauty gurus, or Makeup Artists, or self-taught.



Why this will be just the begging

I might be a Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger, but in some posts (reviews, makeup tips etc) I feel that a video will sky rock the whole thing. However, as a viewer, sometimes I want to read only, sometimes just to watch a video and some other times I prefer both in order to learn something. So I decided to the same thing for you.

I will be happy if you will go and check my video and leave me a comment if you like it or not, and if you want to do something different(natural look, glossy, holographic, Hollywood, Xmas, New Year’s Eve, Glam makeup etc).

As you love me, I love you, and maybe more.










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  1. Keep making videos, you don’t seem awkward at all for being this your first video. Seeing your eyes natural, I thought what’s to add :)? Then you made for a fun and interesting look adding some color, glam and shade.
    Imho makeup is more about having fun and expressing creativity than really needing it in most cases.

    1. Thanks a million, honey for your awesome positive vibes! I am gonna continue making them but I’ve made a pause since I have some urgents things to do…. love you! xoxo

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