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What? Teas for Hair Growth?

I love tea, usually, I drink 2-4 cups per day, they taste delicious and they warm my body. Teas are promoting a healthy life with amazing wellness. I do not drink tea just to drink something, I am always searching which teas are more suitable for the issues that I have. Whether I want to […]

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Make Your Hair Grow faster with Zinc

All girls we desire longer, thicker and healthier hair! From the day I can remember myself I want my hair longer. Length, thickness, strength, shine, all of them are having a pivotal role in the hair look. If you can’t grow your hair easy you need to click here to read from intensive hair treatments to […]

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4 Weird (& Ridiculously Simple) DIY Intensive Hair Masks Treatments to Grow Your Hair Stronger & Faster

Beauty babes, there are moments that we want to grow our hair a bit faster than other times. By massaging your scalp while you are upside down you will increase the blood flow to your scalp like hell and it will boost the hair growth efforts! 1.Mayo Ingredients 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise (or enough to […]

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A Hair Brush Guide

Different brushes for different purposes. Let’s learn them xoxo Mixed Bristle Brush It distributes natural hair oils Synthetic Bristle Brush Smooth down your hair, shape and polish them Wooden-Bristle Brush This brush act like a masseur for scalp, it stimulates hair growth Rattail Comb Ideal for parting hair and smooth strands Wide Tooth Comb Detangle […]

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How to Look Younger with Coffee Oil! Improve your skin texture and make your hair grows faster and shinier than ever.

I’m so excited to tell you about this magical oil. If you are a coffee and oil lover then keep reading. Coffee is an excellent source of antioxidants and its caffeine helps to increase the blood circulation so it helps to treat cellulite and dark circles, promote hair growth and makes shinier your hair with […]

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